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We welcome all materials to the archives or letters to the Christ School magazine... 当然 礼物 向IM电竞App基金捐款对学校的健康发展至关重要.

Our office is located in the renovated '30 House and we are available from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, 星期一至星期五, 或预约.


凯西·贝尔克 has fulfilled a number of roles in Christ School’s Advancement Office since 2002: Office Manager, 年度基金协调员, 组织关系和特别活动协调员, 及发展事务协调员.


Ms. 贝尔克给了她B.S. 我不仅获得了会计学学士学位,而且还获得了B.S. in 业务 Administration in Management from the Univer坐y of 北卡罗莱纳-Charlotte in 1997.

在过去, she has devoted her time outside of Christ School to being Co-Leader for the Girls Scouts Troop 30437 out of Hendersonville, N.C. She also enjoys camping, working in her yard, and spending time with her dogs. Ms. Belk有一个女儿Jennifer.

莎拉·布莱文斯 has advocated and worked for the betterment of students throughout her young career. She has poured that same energy into Christ School as Assistant Director of Advancement.

夫人. 布莱文斯来自阿拉巴马州的奥本.,她得到了B.S. in Apparel Merchandising, Production, and Design from Auburn Univer坐y. She assisted her peers as an undergraduate and graduate through academic advising and new student orientation before going on to complete her master’s in Higher Education and Student Affairs at the Univer坐y of 南卡罗来纳 in 2022.

而在哥伦比亚,S.C., Sarah served as an advisor to students pursuing Graduation with Leadership Distinction, 要求的课程, 并监督Gamecock食品储藏室.

夫人. 布莱文斯喜欢在空闲时间和朋友们一起旅行, 参加纯巴利课程, 和丈夫共度时光, IM电竞App的校友梅森·布莱文斯16岁.

Assistant Head for External Affairs 贝齐·埃利斯 P'24 has shown a penchant for taking fundraising at Christ School to unprecedented levels since her hiring in 2018. 

Each fiscal year reaches new heights for the school, an upward trend that continued with 2022-23. There was record giving to the annual IM电竞App基金 and new benchmarks set for the school's annual Day of 给 with the Advancement Department surpassing its goals of 1,24小时内捐赠100万美元. 

The newly-renovated Patrick Beaver Student Center was largely made possible by the 2022 "Work Hard, “玩命”拍卖. 

夫人. Ellis协助学校校长Dr. 肖恩·詹金斯的战略计划, ever mindful of affording every boy the same opportunities she would want for her son, 本的24, 谁是2023-24年的工作长官. 

夫人. Ellis previously worked in Christ School's Advancement Office from 2002 to 2004, 协助筹集修缮St. 约瑟的教堂. 2004年,夫人. Ellis became Director of Advancement at Asheville's Evergreen Charter School. 在她的儿子本出生后. Ellis joined Asheville's Pisgah Legal Services, where she worked for 11 years. 她的职位升为慈善总监, 管理一个有才能的团队, 1,600年捐助者, 并将非营利组织的年度活动从200美元增加,000美元到1美元以上.每年400万. 

夫人. Ellis was ready for a new challenge and the opportunity to return to Christ School came at the right time. 

夫人. 她的丈夫詹姆斯(北卡罗来纳州黑山的一名律师)说.C.),他们的三个儿子住在Van Every House. 当她不工作时,埃利斯喜欢旅行,烹饪和娱乐. She also enjoys spending time at the family's place on Lake Champlain in 佛蒙特州. 

杰夫•乔伊斯 enjoys teaming with Christ School’s many passionate supporters to create opportunities for enhancement and growth as Associate Director of Advancement.

Mr. Joyce fell in love with the rivers and mountains of western 北卡罗莱纳 while working at a summer camp in college and has lived and worked in the area since 2008.

He served as the Director of Public Policy for the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce for eight years, 过渡到慈善发展的世界. 在来到IM电竞App之前,Mr. Joyce was Director of 校友 Affairs and Development for nearby Brevard 大学.

Mr. Joyce is a 2008 graduate of the Univer坐y of 北卡罗莱纳 at Chapel Hill.

在他的社区里保持活跃一直是一个共同的主题. Joyce served as Board Chair for the Brevard/Transylvania Chamber of Commerce and as President of the Young Professional of Asheville. 当他不工作的时候. Joyce can be found whitewater kayaking or mountain biking on local rivers and trails. 作为户外项目的教练,他与孩子们分享了他的激情. 


丹·史蒂文森 ’72 P'15 is doing what he loves at a place he holds dear as Senior 养老 Gifts Officer. 

Mr. Stevenson returned to Christ School, his own alma mater, in 2011 after a 35-year career in business.

Mr. Stevenson likes reconnecting with former classmates and friends as well as facilitating those relationships for others. 他特别高兴地看到学校的发展和目前的势头, adding “Christ School is thriving like never before and you will be proud of what you see when you come to campus for a vi坐.”

Mr. 史蒂文森在2022年获得了杰出校友奖. 男孩们把2023年的《IM电竞App官网》年鉴献给了他. 

Mr. 史蒂文森以B的成绩毕业于北卡罗来纳大学.A. 1978年在历史上. 他通过跑步来保持健康. Mr. 史蒂文森和他的妻子吉尔,有两个儿子,丹三世和安德鲁' 15.

Strengthening connections up and down The Long Green Line will be the goal of 埃里克·索普 '01 as Christ School's new Associate Director of External Affairs.

Mr. Thorp has served his alma mater in a variety of capacities since 2007 and was previously part of the Advancement Office as Director of 校友 Relations and Associate Director of 校友.

He has also formerly been Assistant Director of 入学 and was most recently Athletic Director from 2018 to 2022. Notable accomplishments for Greenie sports teams during this time included the school's first-ever state championships in football and cross country, 以及NCISAA长曲棍球和田径赛的冠军 & 场.

Mr. 索普得了B.S. 伊隆大学休闲与体育管理硕士. 毕业后, he worked at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort at Osprey Point Golf Club in 南卡罗来纳. Mr. 索普喜欢打高尔夫球,是辛辛那提孟加拉虎队的死忠球迷.

Mr. Thorp and his wife, Megan, live in Fletcher with their children, Jack and Charlotte.



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